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What is a Selfie or Open Air Booth?

We get a frequent question asking us "what is a selfie [or open air] booth?"


Let's take a moment so that we can help answer the question & provide you with some information to guide you in making the best photo booth decision for your event!

A selfie or open air booth is basically a photo booth that does not use a background or enclosure. It's a kiosk that includes the same professional photography equipment that we use in our enclosed booths. This is a great option for events where space is limited and you want the photo booth experience without a large enclosed area that can take up additonal floor space that might not be available. This is also a wonderful option if you are getting married in a location that has beautiful landscaping and/or scenery. Examples of locations where we have had an open air kiosk is in McCall, Sun Valley, rooftop buildings in downtown Boise, rose gardens, and even a boat! Yes, a boat on Payette lake in McCall with the lake and mountains as the backdrop. It doesn't get much better than that!

Another great option if you are a crafty person (or are as obsessed with Pinterest as we are) is to create your very own backdrop. Below I have provided some pictures of a recent wedding where the open air photo booth was used with a DIY tulled & white light background.

We always want to provide our clients with flexibility to choose the booth and options that best fit your needs, which is why we have now made the selfie/open air booth availabe as a standalone rental.

What I want to emphasize is this--

Even if you want to create your own backdrop and don't think that hiring a photo booth is a necessity, keep in mind that we are professionals. Hiring us guarantees that you will get high-quality, professional looking photos. You will not only get a photo booth, but we provide on-site printing which allows your guests to take a keepsake home with them. You get an experience. I cannot emphasize this enough. We value our clients and go the extra mile to make sure your event is unforgettable. From the attendants working, the props, the service, the photo quality, the custom photo strips and more, you are hiring us to give you all-around great entertainment, service and a photo booth experience.

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