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Treasure Valley Photo Booth Presents | Sun Valley Community School Prom

Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit one of our favorite Idaho cities, Sun Valley. Okay, maybe it's not really classified as a city. Sun Valley is a quaint mountain resort town, but for Idaho and the sake of this post, we'll just refer to it as a city. Treasure Valley Photo Booth's sister company Sun Valley Photo Booth participates in a number of weddings and special events in the beautiful Wood River Valley each year. When Community School called us, we were thrilled to be a part of their event. Prom this year was held at the nexStage Theatre. It was beautifully decorated with pink, green, organge and yellow bursts, along with a upscale lounge with black furnishings and the complimentary colors integrated in flowers and vases. Let me just tell you, I was slightly envious that these kids get such an amazing prom! Prom was a big deal when I was in school and it was still no where near as cool as this! There was a nonstop line the entire night and everyone had a blast.

Photos from the event have been uploaded on Boise's favorite photo booth facebook page! Visit and serach for the album titled Sun Valley Community School. In the meantime, here are a few photos of the night. Enjoy :-)

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