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What type of camera is in the booth?
While some photo booth companies use point-and-shoot cameras to capture your images, our booths are equipped with 18 megapixel, professional DSLR cameras to capture extremely high resolution images.  We have even upgraded the lens from the kit lens to a professional portrait lens to provide you with the best quality pictures. 

What is the quality/resolution of the photos?
We are professional photographers and take great pride in making sure you receive excellent photos.The photos are printed at 300dpi, which is the same standard used by magazines and other professional print media. You and your guests will be amazed at the quality.

How does the photo booth work?
Jump in the booth, push the color or black & white button, and pose.  The monitor will countdown while allowing you to view yourself as you give us your best shots. Have fun!!!

When do I get my photos?
Your photos print on the spot  within 8 seconds and will be ready by the time you step out of the booth. 

Is there a limit to how many photos we can take?
You and your guests can take unlimited photos for the entire duration of your event.

Will someone from Treasure Valley Photo Booth be at my event?
We provide a professional host who will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests from start to finish.  Our hosts are also technically trained to operate, and ensure that you get the best use of your photo booth.


I’ve seen some photo booths that can fit 8-10 people. Does yours?
We think part of the fun of having a photo booth at your event is getting friends to squeeeeeze in! Our booth fits up to 8 adults comfortably and up to 12 if you really, really like each other and just want a fun photo to remember the night!  We also provide open air style photo booth kiosks which are great for larger groups and corporate events/trade shows.

What else makes your photo booth different from others?
The photo booth itself!  We provide a booth unlike any other in Idaho.  It's sleek, contemporary & curvy.  It'll look great in any venue from a casual outdoor wedding to a formal black-tie event.  We are the booth of choice by many of Boise's most successful companies and brides!

Do you have any other advice before renting a photo booth?

If we could provide one piece of advice, make sure you see the actual photo booth in person or at least a picture before you rent!  Many photographers will set up a cloth backdrop and call it a photo booth.  Ask to see examples of the photo strips & photo quality.  You will not find another booth that provides the level of quality that Treasure Valley Photo Booth can provide.

I would like some traditional wedding or event photographs in addition to my photo booth.  Do you have a recommendation?
We sure do! Will White is the co-owner of Treasure Valley Photo Booth and is also an award-winning photographer with over 20 years’ experience.  Visit his photography website at


Treasure Valley Photo Booth Frequently Asked Questions

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