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Idaho Photo Bus - Restoring Lilly

Back in 2012 we had a draem that we would find a VW Bus, restore it, and turn it into a photo bus to compliment our photo booth business, Treasure Valley Photo Booth. As time went on we knew that we needed to take steps to purchase a bus and make our dream a reality. In January 2015, just before we were leaving to go on vacation for two weeks, we drove by a random car lot in Nampa and saw our future bus. We pulled over, went inside and talked to the owner of the lot. He said that he would call the owner to see if he woudl be interested in selling. He was. The rest is history. We went on vacation for two weeks to Walt Disney World and a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas, but really, what we were most excited about was getting back home and getting to work on our photo bus. This is something we had wanted for a very long time, so knowing that we were going to make it happen made us feel like a couple of kids anticipating Christmas.

Overall, our bus, which we have since named Lilly, was in pretty good shape. We actually felt really bad pulling out the carpet and original interior because it wasn't in horrible condition. However, it wasn't the condition we needed for it to transform into a mobile photo booth. We installed new hard wood flooring, white panel siding, a custom bench seat, new lighting features and more. It's been a very fun journey doing all of the work ourselves because there is a sense of pride that "we did this!" I can't wait for her to celebrate weddings, birthday, and special events with clients. Our first event is on April 18 and we are eagerly counting down the days for everyone to get as much joy from experiencing Lilly, our photo bus, as we have!

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